LWC 37

Oregon Weightlifting LWC 37

LWC Annual Meeting: Feb. 23 at noon in Corvallis

Oregon LWC Annual meeting will take place at noon on February 23 at the Evangelical Church at 1525 NW Kings Blvd Corvallis, Or 97333.

A document will be sent out to all LWC members in the next couple of weeks to let everyone know what the board will be presenting. There will be a live stream of the meeting set up for those who are too far away to attend.

We would like all of our club presidents and coaches to attend if possible, as well as active LWC athletes and members.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail LWC President Christopher Swartz at ironbeaverweightlifting@gmail.com

AOS3: Meet for the Record Books

More than 40 Oregon LWC members participated in the American Open Series 3 in Las Vegas. With 1,651 registered lifters, the meet earned Guiness World Record certification as the largest ever. Full results for the Oregon lifters appear below. Highlights include:

  • Ariel Ford placed second in the 76 kg Open class with a 214 kg total.

  • Snow Charpentier finished fifth in the 55 kg Open class with a 166 kg total.

  • Jennifer Banning placed first in the 55 kg Masters 50-54 category with a 126 kg total, setting national masters records in the clean and jerk and total.

  • Mohini de Freitas finished first in the 45 kg Masters 40-44 group and fifth in the Open class with a 108 total, setting national masters records in snatch, clean and jerk, and total.

  • Dori Wechsler placed second in the 64 kg Masters 40-44 class with 146 total.

  • Youth lifter Grace Georg posted a 117 kg total to place fifth in the 76 kg class.

  • Ron Johnson placed first in the 55 kg Masters 65-69 group with an 86 total, also setting national masters records across the board.

  • Brad Bremer finished first in the 102 kg Masters 45-49 class (193 kg total) and posted all three national masters records for that class.

  • Joe Beck placed second in the 81 kg Masters 45-49 group (199 kg total) and set the masters national snatch record.

  • Neville Chu placed third in the 96 kg Masters 35-39 class with a 248 kg total.

New Oregon state records were set by virtually all of the above plus Jordan Lubbers, Keone Camat, Deborah Morera, Keea Gharagouzloo, McKenna Jones, Melissa Franco, Chelsea Brinegar, Jessica Gee, Courtney Larson, Cassie Finer, and Rylee Carleton. Congratulations! Click here to view current state records.

OR Lifters Strike Gold at Masters World Championship

The 10-day IWF Masters World Weightlifting Championships concluded in Barcelona on Sunday, August 27. Three of the four Oregon LWC members who competed crowned world champions:

In the women’s 60-64 age group, Holly Arrow (Team SAW) earned gold in the 63kg weight class with a 52kg snatch and 62kg clean and jerk (114 total). She broke her previous world snatch record of 47kg and her world record total of 111kg.

Melissa Doherty (Eastside Barbell) took first in the 63kg weight class in the women’s 55-59 age group. She went 4 for 6 with a 46kg snatch and 61kg clean and jerk, for a 107 total.

Lauren Hatmaker (Eastside Barbell) did not total in the women’s 45-49 90kg weight class.

Mary Colasanto (Team SAW) won gold in a closely contested women’s 35-39 90kg weight class. She snatched 78kg and posted a 106kg for a 184kg total (and a 1kg victory). Her 106kg clean and jerk is a new national masters record, and all three lifts surpassed her previous Oregon state records set in April (76/97/173).

Overall, the U.S. women's team finished with 23 gold, 19 silver, and 7 bronze medals. The men's team won 10 gold, 15 silver and 7 bronze, for a grand total of 81 medals. However, team scoring is based on results of eight preselected lifters, so the U.S. men’s team finished third and the women’s team sixth.

Upcoming masters events:

Masters World Cup, Fuzhou, China (registration closes Sept. 16)
Nov, 2-4: 2018 American Masters, Salt Lake City (early registration closes Sept. 15)
March 28-31, 2019: National Masters Championship, Salt Lake City

Oregon supports USAW Safe Sport and USADA initiatives!

Oregon LWC 37 has been a proud member of the USAW and supports the strategic direction it is taking the sport of weightlifting as we move towards a new Olympic quad.

Two of the most important initiatives the USAW has been tasked with is to improve awareness in Safe Sport and Anti Doping policies within its membership. As an LWC we are committed to aiding in that task in a couple of important ways.

First and foremost we want our members to easily find answers and resources to their questions on Safe Sport and Anti Doping. We have added links to our website that directly point back to the USAW policies. 

Secondly we have required that by January 2019 any LWC members wishing to compete in an Oregon local sanctioned meet, must also meet the requirements of becoming USADA certified. And coaches must be USADA and Safe Sport certified.

We hope that this news is met with the support and enthusiasm it deserves and that the Oregon LWC can showcase how united we can be. 

Thank you!!! 

#liftclean #usaw

IWF Releases New Weight Categories

The IWF today announced its much-anticipated update of the bodyweight categories. Though the number of categories increases from eight to 10 for senior and junior men and women, only seven of the classes will be contested at the 2020 Olympics (see chart below).


The IWF also announced new categories for youth 16/17 athletes (see chart below). USAW expects to establish new weight categories and American Record standards for 13/under and 14/15 youths by the end of the summer.


Local meets sanctioned on or after July 9 will use the new bodyweight categories. Local meets already sanctioned have the option to use either bodyweight category set, though USAW recommends using the new categories as soon as possible. 

In regard to the Oregon LWC schedule, the Iron Beaver Summer Slam on July 14 will use the old categories. The PFB Weightlifting Summer Open on August 11 will adopt the new categories (note that registration is open here with the existing categories).

State records will switch over to the new categories after the PFB meet (earlier if needed to accommodate out-of-state results). The existing records will be retired once all meets have moved to the new categories.

On the national level, the American Open Series 2 event in Pennsylvania at the end of 13-16July will use the old categories, while the Series 3 event in Las Vegas on September will use the new categories. Click here for updated qualifying totals. Registration for AO Series 3 opens Monday at 5 pm MT.

Juniors, Masters Lifting This Weekend

U.S. National Youth Championships runs from June 14-17 in Grand Rapids, MI. This event, opent o lifters 17 and under, also serves as the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Trials. Three athletes from POW (Portland Oregon Weightlifting) will compete:

Memphis Fishler (9) will lift in the 13 and under 31B group bright and early Friday morning (8 am ET, 5 am PT) on the Blue platform.

Ryder Jones (12) will close out lifting Friday on the White platform, lifting in the +69B group at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT).

Mason Turpen (15) will lift in the M14-15 85A group on Saturday night at 8:10 pm PT (5:10 pm PT). He'll be on the White platform.

Click here to watch the livestream.

At the other end of the age spectrum, the Masters Pan-American Championships also take place this weekend in Gaspe, Quebec, Canada. Melissa Doherty of Gee Strength will lift on Friday, June 15, at 3 pm ET (12 noon PT) in the W55 63 kg class. Lauren Hatmaker, also of Gee Strength, will lift in the W45 90 kg class on Saturday at 2 pm ET (11 am PT).

Click here for more information on the livestream.

Four from Oregon LWC to lift at U.S. Nationals

The 2018 National Championships take place this weekend in Overland Park, Kansas. Three Oregon LWC women will lift on Friday, May 25:

Nicole Maynard, Vulkan Weightlifting, 53D session, 8 a.m. CT (that's 6 a.m. PT), Red platform

Snow Charpentier, Catalyst Athletics, 53B session, 12 p.m. CT (10 a.m. PT), Red platform

Lily Salisbury, Catalyst Athletics, 58A session, 5:45 p.m. CT (3:45 p.m. PT), Red platform

On the men's side, Shane Sevcik will lift in the 105+B session on Sunday, May 27, at 1:40 p.m. (11:40 a.m. PT), Blue platform

You can find the livestream and start list here.

If we missed you on the start list, let us know in the comments.

May LWC Events and Deadlines

Eastside Barbell/Gee Strength in Springfield is hosting a mock meet on May 5. Weigh-ins start at 9, and lifting runs from 10 to 2. Cost is $20. Email info@eastsidegeestrength.comto secure a spot.

May 6 is the deadline for registering for WarGames 2018: The Battle For PRs, POW's (Portland Oregon Weightlifting) sanctioned meet scheduled for May 12 in Sherwood.

Vulkan Weightlifting will be hosting a USAW Level 2 Coaching Course (Adv Sports Perf) on May 19-20. Dave Spitz of California Strength will be the instructor.

May 26 is the deadline to register for the Oregon State Championships. Click here for qualifying information. The meet will take place June 9 at Iron Beaver Weightlifting in Corvallis. Deadline for ordering Oregon Strong meet t-shirts is May 19. 

May 27 is the deadline to register for the Fighting Duck, hosted by the University of Oregon Weightlifting Club in Eugene.

The USAW National Championships take place May 24-27 in Overland, KS. Oregon weightlifters on the start list include Snow Charpentier (Catalyst Athletics) and Nicole Maynard (Vulkan Weightlifting) in the 58 kg weight class, Lily Salisbury (Catalyst Athletics) in the 63 kg class, and Shane Sevcik (Klamath Barbell Club) in the 105+ class.

FINAL RESULTS FROM University/Under 25 Championships

Five LWC lifters placed in the 2018 National University and National Under 25 Championships (April 19-22 in Ogden UT). 

Julia Wong, University of Oregon Weightlifting, went 6 for 6 in the 58kg weight class. Her 143 total (65 kg snatch and 78 kg clean and jerk, put her in 11th place overall in the University Championships and 9th in Under 25.

David Lamb, Iron Beaver Weightlifting, took 4th place in the University 85 kg weight class with a 298 total (132 snatch/166 clean and jerk). In the Under 25 competition, he earned silver in clean and jerk and total and bronze in the snatch. He also finished third in the running for top overall male lifter in the Under 25 competition and broke his state records in the clean and jerk and total.

In the University 94 kg weight class, Braydon Kennedy of Gee Strength finished 7th overall with  a 290 kg total (135 kg/155 kg). The snatch and total are new state records.

Alec Olson, Heroic Barbell, placed 20th in the University 94 kg class. He snatched 115 kg and cleaned 147 kg for a 262 kg total. 

Kayla Bauer, Northwest Strength Institute, finished 7th in the 75 kg class in the Under 25 Championships, going 73 kg/83 kg for a 156 kg total.


Introducing the Oregon LWC board.




Chris Swartz 

President / Central Regional Rep /  Email: ironbeaverweightlifting@gmail.com


Jordan Franco

Vice President / Portland Regional Rep / Email: jfranco@francosportstraining.com


Sara Ferris

Secretary / Treasurer Email: saraferris@comcast.net


Mira Gracia

Athletes Representative / 2nd Portland Regional Rep /  Email: info@industrialstrengthgymi.com


Tom Hirtz

Eugene Area Regional Rep /  Email: hvyath@aol.com


Dean Limb

Southern Regional Rep / Email: dean.limb@gmail.com

Oregon Lifters Shine at National Masters Championships

These Oregon LWC members competed in the 2018 National Masters Weightlifting Championships in Buffalo, New York, April 5-9. Complete results are available here.

Holly Arrow, Gee Strength, totaled 113 kg (53/60) for the gold medal in the 63 kg weight class and also the Grand Master award (top Sinclair-Meltzer-Faber score)  in the W60 age group. She also set a new Masters National and Oregon state record with the 53  snatch.

Melissa Doherty, Gee Strength, placed second in the 58kg weight class with a 106 total (44 snatch, 62 clean and jerk).

Mira Gracia, Industrial Strength, earned a bronze medal in the 63kg weight class with a 60 snatch and 76 clean and jerk for a total of 136. She was edged out for the sliver by the slimmest of margins: the second-place finisher also totaled 136, but did so first.

Lauren Hatmaker, Gee Strength, won the gold medal in the 75kg  class with a 134 total (60/74). The 74 clean and jerk is a new state record.

Joe Beck, Heroic Barbell, went 93/102 for a total of 195 in the 85kg class.

Dave Otteman, also with Heroic Barbell, placed fourth in the 105+ class with lifts of 100/120 for a 220 total.

Lifting in the 69 kg weight class, Laurie Koenig, Sports Palace, posted a 49 snatch but did not total in the clean and jerk.

Justin Devereux, East Coast Gold, earned the gold medal in the 85kg class by 1kg. In a 5 for 6 performance, he snatched 117 and clean and jerked 158 (a new state record) for a 275 total. He also took Grand Master honors for the M35 age group based on the S-M-F formula.  East Coast Gold placed second in the men's team competition.

Mary Colasanto, Team SAW, took silver in the 90kg weight class with a 173kg total (76kg snatch and 97kg clean and jerk), setting new Oregon state records across the board in the process.

The 2019 National Masters Championships will be heading west to Salt Lake City (also host site for the American Masters meet November 2-4, 2018.



PFB Weightlifting Spring Open Results

Results from the PFB Weightlifting Spring Open are now available on the Results page. Fourteen women and eight men competed in the April 7 meet in Sandy.

In the women’s masters category, Michelle Sparks-Nguyen of DragonFire Weightlifting took first place and Lyndi Boyce of PFB Weightlifting took second based on the Meltzer-Faber age adjustment coefficients. On the men’s side, Bill Brian (unattached) placed first, followed by Tim Petrucci of PFB Weightlifting.

In the Open category as determined by the Sinclair formula, the top three women were Lily Salisbury of Catalyst Athletics, Brandi Miller (unattached), and Danica Wolfe of PFB Weightlifting.

Top men were Jonathan Douglas (unattached), Luke Hansen (POW), and Justin Niles (unattached).  

Michelle Sparks-Nguyen set new state records in the 69kg 45-49 age group for snatch, clean and jerk, and total. Michelle broke the 20-year-old record held by Judy Glenney (click here and scroll down a bit to learn more about Judy’s contributions to women’s weightlifting).

Lily Salisbury set new 58kg women’s open records for the clean and jerk and total, and Brandi Miller set new marks across the board in the 90kg class.

The record pages will be updated once results from Masters Nationals are available.


USAW seeks next weightlifting star

High school students ages 13-18 are invited to upload videos of their best bench press, squat, and power clean at NextWeightliftingStar.com. The competition runs from March 14 to April 16.

Submissions will be reviewed by USA Weightlifting’s Sport team, including 3-time Olympic Champion Pyrros Dimas and National Teams coach Mike Gattone.

The top athlete in each weight category will receive a trophy and an invitation to attend a camp hosted by USA Weightlifting at of Rogue Fitness headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

The overall winner’s high school will receive a full set of weights and a barbell, while the runner-up’s school will receive a barbell.

The top high school in each state will receive a certificate of recognition to signify their participation in the online combine.

The combine is free to enter. Entrants must upload a copy of their student ID card in order to prove eligibility.

Between Lifts Digital Magazine Debuts

The inaugural issue of Between Lifts quarterly weightlifting magazine is now available at betweenlifts.com. It features a wide-ranging interview with USA Weightlifting CEO Phil Andrews. Other articles, most by Oregon LWC members, cover a variety of topics: determining intensity for the lifts, juggling lifting and life responsibilities, and facing adversity (getting punched in the face). A number of high-quality photographs are also included. According to editor-in-chief Jack Carpenter, the goal of the magazine is to "provide an experience where no subject relating to the sport of weightlifting is off limits." He welcomes contributions from anyone who loves the sport. Between Lifts can be viewed online in flipping book format, or click on the Download arrow at upper left to download a PDF version.  


State Youth Records Topple at 2018 Junior Nationals

Several Oregon LWC members competed at USA Weightlifting Junior Nationals in Spokane, WA, from Feb. 15 to 18, 2018.

in his last year as a junior lifter, Tyler Hoang of Vulkan Weightlifting went 4 for 6 in the men’s 85kg weight class. He totaled 96 kg in the snatch (25th place) and 137 kg (14th place) in the clean and jerk, for a total of 233 kg, good for 19th place. Tyler set the Oregon junior men’s state record with his 137 clean and jerk.

Also in the men’s 85 kg class and also 4 for 6, Matei Leontescu of Heroic Barbell snatched 107 kg (16th place) and cleaned 115 kg (27th place), for a 222 kg total (23rd place). The 107 snatch gave Matei the state men’s junior weightlifting record in the 85kg weight class.

In the 94kg men’s weight class, Mason Haro-Kobernik of Drive Barbell in Bend went 5 for 6, with 127 kg in the snatch (5th place) and 157 kg in the clean and jerk (6th place). His total of 284 earned him 6th place overall, and his clean and jerk and total smashed his previous state junior records of 152 and 277, respectively.

View records here.

New Qualification Procedure, Location for State Championships

The 2018 Oregon State Championship meet will take place this year at Iron Beaver Weightlifting in Corvallis. The date has yet to be determined. Invitations will now be based on meeting qualifying totals that are 80% of the USAW Nationals qualifying totals (see chart below). Future meets will rotate through the four LWC regions—the process for selecting sites will be developed by the board and regional representatives. Changes were discussed and agreed to at the 2018 LWC meeting.


Weightlifter Spotlight: Melissa Doherty

7th in a series of weightlifter spotlights, to help our continually growing community, get to know one another outside of "What do you snatch and clean & jerk?". Hoping that these stories brings us closer together as a community of people who share a common obsession with the sport.

Today's spotlight shines down over Eugene, Oregon on a doctor, partner to Oregon weightlifter Lauren Hatmaker, mother of 2 big furry puppies and competitive 63kg masters lifter Melissa Doherty. (She's the one on the right pictured below, if you couldn't tell;-)


I believe I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa through her better half Lauren;-) most likely at a training session. What struck me about Mel is how genuine and no fuss she is. She clearly loves the sport, the community it provides and puts in the work day in and day out to make it better. I have been lucky enough to travel with her to 2 national competitions and witnessed her not only win her weight and age group but break a long standing CJ record at Masters Nationals 2017! If you don't know her, you should. She's a gem in our community crown. Everyone...meet Melissa.


1. Where are you from and any other relevant info? Family, profession, etc.    

I'm originally from Portland. I spent 10 years in Corvallis working as a firefighter/paramedic, before going to medical school at the ripe old age of 33. I've been working as an ER doc at Sacred Heart Hospital since finishing residency in 2003. I currently live in Eugene with my partner Lauren, and our two plus-sized dogs, Olivia and Eleanor.

2. How long have you been weightlifting for?

I have only been seriously weightlifting for about a year and a half. I did my first meet in December 2015. 

3. How did you get started?

I started CrossFit in 2011. That was my introduction to Olympic weightlifting.

4. Your personal mantra?

Hah! "Embrace the suck." This has served me well in many arenas: firefighting, marathoning, my job as an Emergency Physician, and now weightlifting. 

5. How many days a week do you train?

4-5. I'd train every day if my body would let me. 

6. Who does all your programming/coaching?

Jessica Gee. She's the bomb. 

7. Who do you train with? Where do you train?

I train with an amazing group of lifters at our Gee Strength weightlifting club. 

8. What are your best competition lifts or training lifts if you choose not to compete? 

My best competition lifts are a 49 snatch and 65 C/J. I've hit 50/68 in training/mock meets. 

9. Do you compete and if so why?

Yes. I like to compete to give me something to train for, and as a measuring stick for improvement. 

10. What is your biggest accomplishment in weightlifting?

Winning my age/weight group at Masters Nationals this year. I somehow managed to beat a woman who has won 12 prior Masters Championships. I had a good meet and she didn't. It's crazy. And I broke a Clean and Jerk record in the process. 

11. What would you say is most important to you in your success?

Having fun and treating people well--pretty much what life's all about. 

12. What would you say is your biggest hurdle in weightlifting?

My skinny runner's legs, full of slow-twitch muscle. Years of marathoning did not help me build weightlifter's legs. 

13. What would you say is your biggest asset in weightlifting?

My careers in emergency services and medicine have given me a great ability to focus under the worst of circumstances, so I don't really get nervous on the platform. I think that's pretty helpful. And, I did a lot of general strength and conditioning when I was younger, so I've always been pretty strong. 

14. Who or what inspires you?

In weightlifting, pretty much anyone who is a good lifter and not a jerk. In life, people who live their lives with grace and selflessness. 

15. What’s your favorite jam to listen to when you train?

I've lifted to everything from hip hop to classic rock to opera. I love all kinds of music and different genres suit different lifting sessions. 

16. Tell us something that no ones knows about you as a weightlifter.

I aspire to a bodyweight snatch. I'm gonna have to lose about 10 kilos, but one day it's gonna happen. 😂