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Weightlifter Spotlight: Melissa Franco Fishler

First in a series of weightlifter spotlights, to help our continually growing community, get to know one another outside of "What do you snatch and clean & jerk?". 

Today's spotlight shines down somewhere over Sherwood, Oregon on a long time lifter Melissa AKA "Missy" Franco Fishler.


One of the first times I had the pleasure of meeting Missy was at the Industrial Strength Fall Classic 2014. She appeared at weigh in looking a little tired to say the least. After asking her for her openers and such she then proceeded to tell me she just got off her night shift and was hoping to weigh in first so she could sleep an hour or so before competing. I thought, huh? What? Night shift? Competing? And that's exactly what she did. She napped, foam rolled, warmed up, hit a couple of PR's, kicked ass and put on a great show for all the spectators. That was and is Missy.

How long have you been weightlifting for? Since April 2012

How many days a week do you train? 5 days

Who does all your programming? Baby Bro – Jordan Franco

Who do you train with? I train with my lifting partners at Portland Oregon Weightlifting, which includes state and national qualifying lifters. I also train with CrossFit Lake Oswego.

How did you get started in weightlifting? I wasn’t a big athlete as a youngster. After I had my 2nd child, I wanted to begin to focus on health and exercise in my life and started with general conditioning and learning barbell work at CrossFit Lake Oswego – even though my brother owned a gym. Jordan saw some pictures of me doing overhead squats and told me I better get my ass on his weightlifting team otherwise he was going to Macho Man Randy Savage Double Suplex me like that time we were kids. I said, okay and now here we are…..

What are your best competition lifts? 70 kilo snatch and 84 c&j

Do you compete and if so why? Yes – it is rewarding. Life as a 35 year old single mother with 2 children, a full time career as an Executive Assistant to the President of a financial firm, 2 part time bartending jobs, part time youth weightlifting coach, 37 chickens, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 1 dog and some fish ------ well you get the gist… live your life and love your life. Live to live. I compete because it’s a reward to myself and an inspiration to my children.

What is your biggest accomplishment in weightlifting? Becoming a state tournament qualifier within 3 years of actual lifting experience with my crazy busy life.

What would you say is your biggest hurdle in weightlifting? Learning how to control and center your emotion from bad lifts. All eyes are on you – lift with grace and miss with class.

What would you say is your biggest asset in weightlifting? Having an experienced coach who understands every athlete, from technique to mental. Everyone needs a coach and one who knows every piece you intimately well.

Whats your favorite post workout recovery meal or snack? Well it’s actually my pre workout. I love the AMP product by Isagenix as a pre-workout and I love their vanilla protein shake for post workout.

What’s your favorite jam to listen to when you train.  Favorite song to train to…. System of a Down.. Chopsuey

Tell us something that no ones knows about you as a weightlifter?  My Uncle is Dan Mello, five time US Open Greco Roman Champion, member of the 1980 Olympic Wrestling Team. US Marine Corps Head Wrestling Coach, 1996 US Wrestling National Coach of the Year and carried the Olympic torch. His story and work ethic has always been an inspiration that I instill into myself, my children, and the youth I coach. You can be anything you want to be as long you as you put the work in. Nothing is handed to you. Its earned.