LWC 37

Oregon Weightlifting LWC 37

Weightlifter Spotlight: Jennifer Banning

6th in a series of weightlifter spotlights, to help our continually growing community, get to know one another outside of "What do you snatch and clean & jerk?". Hoping that these stories brings us closer together as a community of people who share a common obsession with the sport.

Today's spotlight shines down over Bend, Oregon on a mom, wife and competitive 58kg masters lifter Jennifer Banning.

I've had the pleasure of personally getting to know Jennifer through our interactions at various weightlifting meets throughout the years. The most memorable was back in 2015 in Monrovia California at Masters Nationals. It was awesome to see someone who was passionate about the sport surrounded by her family and friends. She is not only one of the most kind and generous people I have come to know, in spite of being a busy wife to her partner Keith and mom to her two boys, she has managed to earn herself quite a resume as far as weightlifting is concerned. To everyone within the Oregon LWC please meet or get to know Jennifer Banning.

  1. How long have you been weightlifting for? I've been lifting for about 3.5 years

  2. How did you get started? About a year after I started Crossfit I wanted to get better with the Olympic lifts and was immediately hooked.

  3. Your personal mantra? Mostly I tell myself to 'Do the best with what you have' and 'Life is short - Leave no regrets'.

  4. How many days a week do you train? I train about 5-6 days a week mostly Olympic lifting with some Crossfit thrown in to keep the wheels greased.

  5. Who does all your programming/coaching? Adam Hamilton

  6. Who do you train with? Where do you train? Bend, Oregon at Rally Crossfit and at my home gym.  I train with some really great people in a great competitive environment.

  7. What are your best competition lifts or training lifts if you choose not to compete?  In competition:- Snatch - 52kg, Clean and Jerk - 68kg  Training:  Snatch - 55kg, Clean and Jerk - 71kg.

  8. Do you compete and if so why? Competitions give me a goal and something to train for. I love to push and better myself.  It takes a gritty mindset to train long and hard for the short time on the platform. I also want to be an example to my boys to never give up and work hard.

  9. What is your biggest accomplishment in weightlifting? Earning a bronze medal at the 2014 World Masters competition in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It was only my 4th meet ever and I went all by myself without a coach.  I met so many like minded people who are passionate about weightlifting and a couple of them have become really good friends.

  10. What would you say is most important to you in your success? A proper mindset and work ethic.

  11. What would you say is your biggest hurdle in weightlifting? My biggest hurdle I have to say is my age.  I turn 50 this April and unfortunately, I didn't find weightlifting until I 46. You're just not flexible and resilient as you age.

  12. What would you say is your biggest asset in weightlifting? Although i wouldn't consider myself the most physically gifted, I know how to work hard. I know how to grind and I like that aspect of training.  

  13. Whats your favorite post workout recovery meal or snack?  A banana and a chocolate peanut butter protein shake.

  14. What’s your favorite jam to listen to when you train.  I like all kinds of music but train to anything that is raw and loud.

  15. Tell us something that no ones knows about you as a weightlifter? I've tried lots of sports over the years.  I was a collegiate soccer player but most people don't know that I played women's semi-pro full tackle football for two years.